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Summer Programs

Our Summer Programs are always set inside the biggest innovation and creative districts in the world.

We started 3 years ago with the Italia Innovation Summer Program, hosted inside corporate headquarters designed by world-renowned architects and designers.
The programs are focused on the resolution of real business challenges, proposed by partner companies, and guided by a faculty of international professors and business leaders.

Executive Education

We design on-demand and tailor-made workshops and bootcamps, to accelerate and inspire the corporate innovation processes.

Corporate Workshop

Our creative workflow is shared and executed with an outstanding group of international executive managers, professionals and directors of university research centers. These programs are one-day workshops targeted to the middle management of one or more companies.

contamination workshop

This workshop is designed to build a stronger interaction between young talents and the corporate executives, thus showing (and not just telling) the latter the results of a different way of approaching problems and solutions. The faculty and mentors guide the interaction and the deep learning happens as a cross-pollination of ideas and perspectives.

Open Innovation Challenges

The Open Innovation Challenge is a one-day format where companies meet talents inside their colleges and universities.

The companies’ c-level managers submit one of their incumbent business cases, and the gathered participants team up to develop an innovative concept in 9 hours. Professors, Business Leaders, and Start-Ups inspire and mentor the students, which have the chance to win an internship at the end of the competition.